V17 VACUUM 450w 2500mAh


Empowered by cutting-edge technologies,the V17 Vacuum makes it simpler to vacuum. The development team always put itself in customers’ shoes, which you can see from all the details of V17. To start with, this flagship cordless stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with an omnidirectional brush head with dual roller brushes. Able to go in any direction effortlessly and fit into the most elusive corners. With such maneuverability, you don’t have to ‘fight your ways’ around the house at the cost of a sore wrist or arm. The dual roller brushes design allows V17 to work twice efficiently as traditional vacuum cleaners, so you don’t have to go over the same area again and again.

It’s worth noting that Redroad, as an innovator in the cleaning appliance industry, never let go of one chance to improve its products no matter the expense. The roller brush of Redroad V17 comes with 4 roller brush bars (2 soft brushes for hard floor and 2 bristled for carpets). The customers can choose from 3 combos when they have different cleaning needs.

But of course, high efficiency and deep cleaning require a powerful suction. With a 120,000rpm top-notch digital maglev brushless motor and optimized air duct design, V17 represents the highest suction in this category. The 450W rated power of the main machine makes a stunning 155AW and 26,500pa suction. Such suction power is already excessive for daily house cleaning. Deep clean your house? Not a problem for V17.

To cover multiple cleaning scenarios (both indoor or on the car), the arsenal of accessories includes an extension tube, main floor brush (to deep clean the floor), LED crevice nozzle (that illuminates hidden dust), wide nozzle and hose (to clean under car seats, in drawers, etc.), motorized mite brush (that cleans 99.9% of mites or pet dander from the bed and couches), and dusting brush (for keyboards, curtains, and car seats).

Driven by a lithium-ion battery of 2,500mAh capacity. On Eco, it allows V17 to run for 60 minutes and cover 200m² in one go, which is more than sufficient for most families.

In addition, V17 is equipped with double HEPA filters with active charcoal to make sure that the outflowing air is cleaner than the air you normally breathe. Last but not least, the nine-stage noise reduction design will make you wow about how quiet vacuuming can be.