RHINO Powerwasher 3200 PSI 7hp/212cc Petrol Engine


Are you sick of spending hours cleaning your surfaces of tenacious dirt and grime? Do you wish there was a strong, effective method that would simplify your cleaning tasks? Look nowhere else! The RHINO Powerwasher 3200 PSI 7hp/212cc Petrol Engine, which LifestyleOnline.ie is here to show, is the ultimate cleaning companion and will transform the way you approach your cleaning jobs.

Unmatched Efficiency And Strong Performance

With its state-of-the-art engineering and powerful 7hp/212cc petrol engine, this product gives you the raw power required to completely remove grime, stains, and debris from almost any surface. This workhorse pressure washer will complete the task quickly and effectively whether you need to clean your patio, deck, driveway, automobile, or even heavy-duty industrial equipment.

Versatility At Your Fingertips

No cleaning activity is too big or too small for their adaptable design. In order to obtain the ideal balance between power and gentleness for various surfaces, you can fine-tune the output to suit the particular requirements of your cleaning job using the changeable pressure settings. This tool is always up for the challenge, whether it's cleaning delicate automobile exteriors or blasting dirt from concrete.

Features That Are Easy To Use For Simple Operations

We know how important it is to have a hassle-free cleaning experience, which is why the RHINO Powerwasher contains features that are easy to operate. During prolonged cleaning sessions, the ergonomic spray gun's comfortable grip ensures less hand fatigue. The quick-connect nozzles make it simple to switch between different spray patterns, including detergent application, wide-angle coverage, and pinpoint accuracy.

Security First

Our primary priority is safety, so we built this product with a variety of safety features to assure worry-free use. The spray cannon cannot accidentally be activated thanks to the built-in safety lock, and the thermal relief valve keeps the pump from overheating. Knowing that you and your equipment are in good hands allows you to relax.

Become A Part Of The RHINO Powerwasher Revolution

Welcome the RHINO Powerwasher 3200 PSI 7 hp/212cc Petrol Engine into your life and bid farewell to laborious cleaning jobs. With every usage, unleash the power of cleanliness to enjoy performance and efficiency that are unmatched. LifestyleOnline.ie's product is the ideal cleaning partner for all your needs, whether you're a homeowner, a professional cleaner, or an industrial worker.

Place Your Order Now

Don't put off changing the way you clean any longer. Get this right away and experience the delight of simple, efficient cleaning. Thanks to the unstoppable force of the RHINO Powerwasher 3200 PSI 7hp/212cc Petrol Engine, say hello to a spotless and glittering atmosphere!


• Heavy duty vertical trolley fitted with pneumatic tyres
• Includes a metal lance with 5 assorted nozzles
• 7.5m Rubber pressure hose
• Includes 3m Suction hose with filter
• Detergent tank
• ProPlus – LIFAN 7hp/212cc petrol engine
• Low emmisions EU V tested and approved
• Rated pressure: 180bar
• Flow rate: 9L/min = 545Lt per hour
• Max pressure: 22Mpa / 3200PSI
• Engine speed: 3400RPM
• 1 Year Guarantee