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Are you a die-hard grill aficionado looking for the best cooking opportunity? Look nowhere else! Our high-quality Kamado BBQ For Sale at LifestyleOnline.ie is designed to take your outdoor cooking to the next level. The best grills available are among those in our collection; they provide exceptional heat retention, adaptability, and unrivalled taste. Prepare to enter the realm of grilling greatness as you set off on a gastronomic journey!

You'll see right immediately that a ceramic grill is not the cheapest choice, but are they really worth the additional money?  The answer will very definitely be yes if you're trying to advance your grilling.

You won't want to use your old BBQ again after you start using one. There are many other obvious advantages that ceramic provides in addition to the fact that your investment will last a lot longer than most other grills (often, it will come with a limited lifetime warranty on critical components).

Why Pick Us?

It's been around for a very long time and is known for having great cooking qualities. These ceramic grills, which were inspired by traditional Japanese cooking methods, have endured the test of time and continue to astound grill experts around. The following are some arguments in favour of purchasing a grill:


The thick ceramic walls of a ceramic one are particularly successful at retaining the heat inside of it, and the gasket seals prevent any heat leaks, making ceramic ones very fuel-efficient.  They use fuel much more slowly than a typical charcoal barbecue because of this.

One load of lump charcoal should typically last for an entire overnight cook of 8–10 hours.

Additionally, you can simply shut off your grill when you're done cooking to put out the fire and conserve the leftover, unused charcoal for when you cook again.

Reliability And Accuracy

You can precisely manage the temperature with this because of its very effective heat retention, in combination with the air vents on the top and bottom of the grill.

In addition to being incredibly constant in that it can retain the same temperature for extended periods of time if the temperature is steady, it can also be precisely heated to the required temperature.

Once the vents have been adjusted appropriately for a low-and-slow cook, you can almost always rely on the kamado to maintain the desired temperature for the duration of the cooking process.

The bottom and higher vents on it may be used to easily regulate the air flow, allowing for little or big temperature adjustments.

Additionally, you won't notice any "hot spots" on your grill, which is different from many other barbecues.  The heated air will be circulated continuously to maintain a constant temperature.


If you want delicious, juicy meat every time, it's fantastic.  In addition to being very good at regulating temperature, the kamado is also fantastic at holding onto moisture to prevent drying out of your food.

When cooking at a low temperature for a longer period of time, this is quite advantageous.

To prevent your food from being exposed to dry air during cooking, the top vent on it controls how much moisture is maintained in the grill.  Meat becomes more soft and retains its delicious taste thanks to the dampness.


Nobody enjoys doing the BBQ's cleanup.

Very little ash will remain in your grill after using high-quality lump wood; this ash can simply be scraped out via the lower vent and you're ready to start cooking again. 

Frequently, all you need to do to get going is top up any leftover charcoal from your last meal (by shutting the vents after you're done cooking, any unused charcoal won't burn out).

It just has to be regularly brushed down and sometimes heated to burn off fats or oils to keep its inside clean.

Externally, it is quite resistant to the weather and just has to be cleaned occasionally with a moist cloth.

Multiple Possibilities

It is ideal for other types of "indirect" cooking, such as baking, roasting, and smoking, due to the temperature control that you have with it. You can use it as a regular grill to directly cook your barbecue food by adding deflector plates, which are usually a standard accessory to come with it.

With a "two zone" function, which is simple to implement in bigger ones, you may simultaneously grill (using direct heat) and utilise the deflector for indirect cooking, such as smoking or roasting.

You can prepare nearly anything in a variety of ways thanks to the abundance of instruments and accessories that are offered by several businesses!

How Does Kamado BBQ In Ireland Function?

Its circular form and ceramic construction set it apart from conventional grills. The materials and design work together to control airflow while returning heat to the meal.

Heat is circulated around the meal in a manner similar to a convection oven after the lid is shut and the heat cannot escape. The cover makes sure that the least amount of heat is lost. It is perfect for cooking at low temperatures because of its shape.

In order to improve the flavour of the smoke and prevent the food from drying out while cooking, water pans that create steam may be used.

Due to vents that stimulate a hotter burning fire, the majority of models can withstand greater temperatures. It is the ideal, all-in-one cooking gadget because more flame equals greater searing.

Accoutrements And Equipment

Typically, it merely has grates for placing food on. You'll need to buy a few more attachments for your barbecue to boost its adaptability.

You may be able to cook a pizza on the grates, for example. However, if you prepare your crust by hand, you'll need a pizza stone to prevent dough from oozing through the cracks. Other helpful and practical items are a cast iron Dutch oven, heat-resistant gloves and the smart JoeTisserie (a spit rod device for roasting). Another is soapstone, which is a non-porous, stain- and burn-resistant surface that may be used for cooking. Without the burden of time-consuming cleanup, it enables more even cooking.

Greater Diversity

These provide far more variety and need much less fuel than traditional charcoal and gas barbecues. Even though they initially cost more, you can be sure that, with the right maintenance, they'll survive for many generations.

Although they may cost more upfront, their low ongoing expenses and broad temperature range make them perfect for roasting, searing, grilling, baking, barbecuing, and many other cooking methods.

These advance the use of conventional charcoal barbecues. They are capable of so much more than grilling because of their distinctive form. Cook a steak, roast a pizza, smoke a brisket, or bake a loaf of bread.

They are more effective at retaining heat and can sustain targeted temperatures for extended periods of time. They are a really practical solution to satisfy your need for a smoked barbecue every day of the week in the comfort of your own home since they are simple to clean up.

Why Pick A Sale Kamado BBQ?

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