Kamado Grill SE 26" Ceramic BBQ


These barbecues come in 18”, 23.5” or 26 inch!
Kobe Kamado Grande - An incredible charcoal grill, slow cooker and smoker in one package!

The Kobe Kamado Grande has an incredible thermal insulation that allows you to grill, slow cook, smoke, roast and brown. The use of charcoal for heat insulation is extreme, as the ceramic lining retains heat better than traditional charcoal grills.

With the Kobe Kamado Grande, anyone can cook brilliant food. With a little seasoning and learning, you can even become a gourmet chef! Similar kamado grills are also used in top restaurants to make ribs, for example.

What's the difference? With the Kobe Kamado Grande you get all the basic parts ready to go!

In this package you get all the basics: side tables, stand with wheels, grill, cover, deflector and of course the bbq itself.

The Kobe Kamado Grande has a sturdy base, so the grill sits particularly well on it. The base is easy to grip if you need to lift the barbecue.

Of course, it's worth remembering that the ceramic bbq is quite heavy, so don't lift it on your own. The lifting handle and the rims of the side plates are embedded in the ceramic frame, which makes the structure more rigid. The rims are also made of impressive stainless steel!