Kamado Ceramic CL 16”, 18”, 23.5” or 26 Inch BBQ Grill Green



16”, 18”, 23.5” or 26 inch Kamado Grill 

 Multifunctional Ceramic Barbecue Stove:

New design stand and top vent, it comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated iron stand, offering unparalleled durability in outdoor conditions, making it easy to place the grill in your garden. This grill features high-quality parts and can be easily maintained at a temperature of 300 to 1000 degrees. It heats up fast and reaches a constant temperature, ensuring that the heat, reflected temperature, and function lock in moisture, preventing the grilled food from drying out and ensuring good taste. The egg-shaped design, along with its bright glaze, make it a decorative piece for any garden. This ancient barbecue way is the most traditional, safe, natural, and popular way of grilling!