Electric Fire Starter 2000W BBQ Charcoal Hot Air Lighter


  • This electric charcoal barbecue lighter can guarantee to ignite all solid fuels, including coal and smokeless fuels. It only takes a few seconds to complete. The secret lies in its powerful and concentrated heat. You just need to place and open.
  • HOT AIR BLOWER - The built-in high power blower makes it easier for charcoal to reach the burning point. Speed up the heating process of your coals so that your BBQ is ready for cooking in just a few minutes!
  • ODORLESS FIRE STARTER- Another feature of this electric grill fire starter is that the heat generated by lighters does not have any odor. Unlike liquid or chemical lighters, it does not transfer chemical flavors to food, and grills can be cooked quickly.
  • LIGHT IN 60 SECONDS - Using this lighter is a quick and effective way to ignite your lump charcoal, briquettes, wood chips, chunks or pellets, ideal for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues with temperature high as of 600C (1100F).
  • EASY FUNCTIONALITY - The lighter eliminates the hassle associated with lighting up the garden incinerator, just load the garbage and turn on the lighter-no smoke in your eyes, no chasing paper on the lawn, its amazing how much more it can burn!