HOODED 9 Zone Heated Electric Vest/Jacket



HOODED Sleeveless Vest, 100% Polyester fiber, USB power source
Power Supply: 5V/2A Mobile Power Not Included
Fever Area: Back
Keep warm, Anti water splashing and Prevent cold
Temperature Shift Manual adjustment
Warm:45 (Red Light)
Comfort:35 (White Light)
Energy Saving:25 (Blue Light)

Please Note Power Bank is Not included.

How To Use:
1. Take out USB plug
2. Plug in removable charger
3. Switch on the removable charger
4. Press the chest temperature control switch for two seconds
5. Red light flashing,means heating automatic
6. Manual adjustment has three level,red light means high-temperature heating continuously, White light means medium heating continuously, Blue light means low heating continuously.
7. Press the chest temperature control switch for two second,lights out and stop heating

Washing instructions:
1. Take out removable charger.
2. Neutral detergent and then hand wash.
3. Do not force, knead or beat.
4. After natural air drying it can be used.

Package Includes: 1 Sleeveless Vest (Power Bank Not Included)

Size Chart

Size  Length (cm) Chest (cm) Shoulder (cm)
S 71 112 43
M 73 116 45
L 75 120 46
XL 76 124 47
2XL 77 128 48
3XL 79 132 50
4XL 79 136 50