Charcoal Chimney Starter for Charcoal BBQ/Grills


Introducing the perfect solution for lighting charcoal without the use of lighter fluid - our cylindrical charcoal starter! Its unique design traps heat and encourages flames to rise to the top, ensuring that your coals are lit in no time.

Features include:

  • No need for lighter fluid - this is a lighter-fluid free charcoal lighting system.
  • Quick and easy to use - simply use newspaper and a match to light your coals.
  • Generates high heat for quick lighting.
  • No petroleum fumes or gas taste.
  • Top or slide open bottom grate to produce pure, hot coals.
  • Wood handles that stay cool to the touch.
  • Heat-shielded wood handle for added safety.

Whether you're a charcoal griller or smoke cooker, our charcoal starter is a must-have accessory. Say goodbye to the hassle of lighter fluid and enjoy a clean and efficient way to light your charcoal.