Buffalo AU 21" Ceramic BBQ Kamado Grill


Looking for a versatile, stylish and reliable grill for your outdoor cooking this summer? Look no further than the Buffalo Kamado grill. Whether you're cooking up meat, vegetables, skewers, smoky chicken or crispy pizza (pizza stone sold separately), this Kamado has all the functionality you need to produce delicious BBQ results.

Crafted from durable ceramic, this grill is designed to provide impressive all-round heat retention, allowing for extended cooking periods with less fuel than traditional barbecues. The innovative design also ensures that all the flavors are kept within the Kamado, giving each dish that distinctive BBQ taste. Plus, with a built-in mobile trolley and fold-out shelves, this grill is easy to install and transport wherever it's needed, and can be conveniently stored away when not in use. Get ready to take your outdoor cooking game to the next level with the Buffalo Kamado grill.