8 x 10 ft Composite Garden Shed 16mm Walls


Tired of a messy yard or garden? You need a outdoor garden storage shed which is the result of the perfect combination of modern design and practicality, enough to meet your needs. The surface wood grain is beautiful and fresh, large storage space for lawn mowers, pool toys, bicycles, and other gardening tools. Skylight at the top allows in natural light, it also has an active ventilation system and lighting system. The combination of steel frame construction and thick resin panels allows the roof to withstand heavy snow loads. Not afraid of wind, rain and UV rays, resist rust, for your belongings to bring a full range of protection.

Strong weather resistance, anti-ultraviolet, IPX3 waterproof grade, no fading, no rust, easy to clean, low maintenance;
Wind resistance level 10 (100km/H), snow load 90kg/㎡;
Large available space, easy to store large items;
Galvanized steel structure reinforcement;
Double with steel hinges;
Screws, nuts, bolts and hinges made of stainless steel;
Multiple windows and vents for light transmission and ventilation;
Indoor lamp, automatic sensing solar light and solar exhaust fan (some models);
Padlockable deadbolt with powder coating;
Reinforced resin resilient flooring to withstand heavier loads;
Can be easily assembled with simple tools, suitable for DIY;
Multiple colors and sizes are available;
Anchoring kit included;