Amazon Prime Air Boeing 737-800


The legacy of EI-DAD lives on. This is a scale replica of the legendary Boeing 737-800 aircraft affectionately known as ‘dad’, formerly operated by Ryanair and now delivering Amazon packages across Europe. We are proud to be the only retailer currently offering models of European registered Prime Air (Amazon Air) aircraft as opposed to the more commonly available November registered versions from the USA.

In the words of one of our customers: “The livery font and colours are an exact match. Includes the belly advertising and "Operated by..." forward of the doors. Having stood beside the real aircraft, this is a faithful replica.”



Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Scale: 1:130

Material: Premium quality synthetic resin, ABS plastic, metal

Dimensions: 31cm x 28cm x 20cm

Weight: approximately 310 grams (net)

Registration: EI-DAD

Display stand: Included

Assembly required: Fitting of display stand only

Tools required: No